Bhagalpur College Of Engineering, Bhagalpur

(Dept. Of Science & Technology, Govt Of Bihar)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Deals with the technology of Electricity.

About the Department

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers course on Analog and Digital electronics, Microwave Engg., Radar Engg. and Antenna Engg. Microprocessor and peripherals, Computer Communication and Networking. The course structure provide unique blend of s/w skills along with the hardware skills. The student aquires proficiency in many programming language ( like BASIC, FORTRAN, C, C++, Java, Dot Net, HTML and many more... Stress is given on subject like Microprocessor, Programming Methodology, Signal Proceon ssing, Computer Architecture and Orgenization, Data Communication, Networking and Semiconductor Physics.With the changing face of communication , ample stress has been given on subject like Digital communication and Mobile Communication along with sound theoretical knowledge. Rigorous practical session provides students with all the necessary skills which help them cope up with the requirements of the industry and the recent advancement in the field.

Mission And Vision

Mission of the Department

1. To ensure sufficient modern technological exposure to the students in order to create skilled professionals.

2. To frequently update the labs keeping in view the requirement of the current industry scenario.

3. To extend counseling and career guidance facility to the students to help them to achieve their goal.

4. To encourage faculties and staffs to pursue higher education and to do the research work.

5. To encourage faculties and staffs to participate in various seminars, conferences and workshops to keep themselves updated of the state-of-the-art technology.

Vision of the Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department goals to offer a platform of excellence to yield ingenious technocrats those can face the challenges of a new era and excel at a national level. So as to boost world-wide affluence by nurturing technology international.


Mr. Sohan Yadav

Technical Officer

Mr. Rahul Kumar

Lab Instructor

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