Bhagalpur College Of Engineering, Bhagalpur

(Dept. Of Science & Technology, Govt Of Bihar)

Civil Engineering

Design, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain large Construction Projects.

About the Department

In its regular academic programs, the department offers basic course in Structural Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, System approach in civil Engineering, Structural analysis and design and Engineering Geology. The laboratories are equipped with the state of the art equipments. The projects offerd are in keeping with the needs of the industry and the recent advancement in the technical field. The Civil Engineering department has recently been asigned projects of HUDCO in which low cost housing in rural and urban areas are being constructed. One such lowcost housing building in the institute funded by HUDCO serves as an example to the public living in rural and urban areas of Bhagalpur. The department also serves as state technical agency to the ministry of rural development Govt. of India. ENERGY PARK is proposed to be stablised on campus at the instance of of BREDA, Govt. of Bihar for demonstration and dissemenation of bio/human, solar, wind, hydal, tidal, wave, lunar, thunder energies.

Mission And Vision

Mission of the Department

1. To provide brilliant student-centric learning framework through cutting edge teaching methods and deviceful reforms.

2. To encourage research and entrepreneurship through collaborations and extensive activities.

3. To provide a dynamic and investigative learning environment that emphasizes open-ended design, problem-solving skills, communication, team work and leadership skills.

4. To contribute positively towards upliftment of our community and environment.

Vision of the Department

To achieve national recognition and betterment of the society through diverse and intensive teaching learning process to meet global demands in the field of civil engineering.


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